Severn River & Tide Information

Our campground is situated at the end of the beautiful Severn River, a tributary to the Mobjack and Chesapeake Bays. The river is subject to daily tidal changes.

pier on the severn river


The Severn River is part of Virginia’s costal waterways and is therefore subject to daily tidal changes . While we monitor the tides and prepare for the predicted tide levels, higher than normal tides are can come unexpectantly and caused temporary coastal flooding.  If you chose to camp on the water, please be aware that tidal flooding is a possibility.

Monitor the tides of the Severn River.

The Beach on the Severn River:

Jellystone Park™ at Gloucester Point is situated at the end of the beautiful Severn River, a tributary to the Mobjack and Chesapeake Bay. Our coastal ecosystem is commonly referred to as a salt marsh or tidal marsh. This means that our shoreline consists of tidal flats or mudflats. Please be aware that while our sandy beach was built on solid ground, you’ll encounter mudflats as you move into the water. In the interest of keeping our shoreline and river as natural as possible, we cannot fill in the river bottom with sand. The mudflats are vastly important to the local ecosystem, and provide a thriving habitat for a variety of flora and fauna, including crabs, fish, oysters and salt grasses. We recommend wearing aqua shoes if you walk into the River.

Salt Water Fishing:

Virginia Marine Resources Commission regulates all marine waters in Virginia including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Individual salt water fishing licenses are required unless fishing from a licensed pier. For more information on the salt water fishing regulations and licensing rules.

Virginia’s Water Trails & Blueways:

Jellystone Park™ at Gloucester Point is part of Virginia’s Water Trails and Blueways! For the water enthusiast, plan your next adventure through Virginia’s water trails.

paddle boats at jellystone park at Gloucester point