Pony Rides at Jellystone Park at Gloucester Point™

Our horses are available for pony rides during the scheduled pony ride times. We currently have four ponies that are rotated between rides, as we normally only bring two at a time to this activity. As a general rule, our maximum weight is 120 lbs., however, we do make exceptions based on the horses we have available at the time, so please ask if you would like to ride and do not meet the weight requirement. All riders require the signature of an adult before riding.


Fred is a large pony measuring at just under 14 hands tall. He came to Jellystone Park™ from a local riding barn in May of 2016 after retiring from his job as an intermediate school pony. He spent many years in the hunter show ring helping kids transition to bigger horses and higher jumps. He is athletic with a fun and playful personality. Fred was born in 1995 and is a Welsh Cross.

a little girl riding fred the horse while being led by an adult woman
Ashe and her friend giving pony rides to kids at Jellystone Park in Gloucester Point VA


Ashe is a spotted saddle horse who came to Jellystone Park in summer of 2016. She is very kind, easy going, and loves kids. Her owner enjoys trail riding with her and allows us to use her for pony rides as well. Ashe is very safe to ride and enjoys all the attention our little campers give her. This sweet girl measures in at 16 hands and her birth year is guessed to be 2004.


Java is a Tennessee Walking horse born in 1999 and has been at Jellystone Park since summer of 2017. He is an all-around gentleman who is very safe to ride and handle. His owner enjoys trail riding with him as he has a very smooth and comfortable gait. Java measures in at 15 hands and comes to pony rides to help him stay in good physical shape.

Jellystone Park at Gloucester Point offers Pony Rides to their guests


Sadie is an Arabian cross and stands at 15 hands tall. She was born in 2009. Sadie is smart and willing but very sensitive. She was improperly ridden when she was young which has made her unusable as a school horse. Luckily, Sadie has found a home here at Jellystone Park where she can rebuild her confidence with gentle hands, slow consistent training, and a calm life of pony rides. She joined us in Fall of 2018 and is on schedule to join her friends at Pony Rides in the Spring of 2019.