Jellystone Park at Gloucester Point™’s Petting Zoo

Our Petting Zoo consists of 14 rescued and rehomed animals that have found their forever home here at Jellystone Park!

They live happily in their field and come over to the Pinecone Corral during the scheduled Petting Zoo times. Not all of our animals will be available during every Petting Zoo time.

When participating in the Petting Zoo please remember that all children ages 12 and under require adult supervision to enter the corral and everyone must be wearing shoes. We do not allow running in the corral or feeding the animals.

Mini Horses:

Angel and her son, Pistol, came to Jellystone Park in January of 2016 from a small town in North Carolina. Angel is affectionate and loves attention, which made her the perfect start to our Petting Zoo.

Pistol is a silly and adorable little guy, who loves to run and play, but knows when it’s time to stand quietly for the Petting Zoo.

Angel was born in 2008 and Pistol was born in 2013.

mini horse rory with young girl and her father

Aurora (Rory) came to Jellystone Park in 2017 from a young lady who rescued her from an abusive situation but could no longer keep her. She came to us very nervous with no handling or training. With time, she has learned to trust us, progressed with her training, and became friends with her field mates. She learned much of her calm demeanor from Angel and loves to run and play with Pistol.

Rory’s age is unknown, but we are estimating her birth year to be 2013.

goat Baahthoven being petted by young girl and her father


Baathoven & Goatzart found themselves homeless after the shelter in which they lived suddenly closed down. Jellystone Park stepped in and offered these cuties a forever home.

Baathoven quickly learned to love his new home and friends. Face rubs, back scratches, and kisses are his three favorite things. He does not have horn because he was disbudded as a baby. Goatzart is less affectionate, but still enjoys quality time with his people. These two boys have been together since birth and were most likely born in 2012.

Huacaya Alpacas:

Chandler & Joey came from an Alpaca Farm in northern Virginia that was downsizing in December of 2016. They have prize winning fleece but have not sired any offspring. These alpacas were not handled much prior to joining the Jellystone Park Petting Zoo family but, with consistent training, now like and understand their jobs. These boys are not brothers, but were both born in 2011 and have been together since birth. Alpacas can and will spit, if provoked!

Jellystone Park at Gloucester Point offers a petting zoo with alpacas to their guests
two girls petting the rabbits

Giant Flemmish Rabbits:

Dennis Hopper and Rabbit De Niro are brothers out of a litter of eight born in November of 2016. These rabbits are approximately 15 pounds each and are full grown. These boys live in a large outdoor pen, are handled regularly, and enjoy being pet when at the Petting Zoo.

Bethlehem Donkeys:

Cupcake & Cookie were found wandering the streets in a small town in Texas. They were taken in by the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue and shipped to the Virginia Donkey Rescue to find a home. Jellystone Park adopted these adorable ladies in the Spring of 2017. Cupcake loves her new life and all of her friends. She is kind, sweet, and enjoys spending time with kits in the Petting Zoo. Cookie does not venture far from Cupcake and enjoys all the attention that comes from being with her outgoing friend. We do not know anything about their previous life and we are guessing they were born between 2003 – 2008.

Cracker Jack (CJ) was surrendered to the Virginia Donkey Rescue by his previous owners in Summer of 2017 and came to Jellystone Park in the Fall of 2017. CJ had no training but is very affectionate and willing to learn. After only a few months of training, CJ proved to be a great addition to the Petting Zoo. He has a puppy dog personality and will follow you around seeking attention. The growth on his face by his mouth is bone spur. It does not hurt or bother him.

Jellystone Park in Gloucester Point has a petting zoo including donkeys
dinner time for doug and ava eating hay


Ava & Douglas came to Jellystone Park in June 2018 from a local family who could no longer care for them. Their ages and breeds are unknown. They are interested in people, but have had little handling prior to coming to Jellystone Park. These two cuties are being worked with daily and are currently on track for joining their field mates in the Petting Zoo for Summer 2019.